Being the leader in a crisis

Recently I had a situation that caused such chaos within my staff that it could have had a catastrophic result.  I needed to implement a strategy immediately that brought back “CLARITY” and restore peace. I want to share with you that method.

As a leader in a crisis, you need to keep your head especially when others are loosing theirs.  Staying calm helps you to process information efficiently and effectively.  It is important to train yourself in preparation for these times of trouble.  You need a systematic approach that you can draw on; a system to help you to move forward logically in a crisis.  Practice what I call “I.A’s.” or “Immediate Actions”.  An immediate action is something that is a controlled but instinctive behaviour.  My immediate action in a crisis is to fall back onto a set of seven questions.  These questions help to focus all of the relevant information I need so that I can make swift quality decisions. The questions are:

  1. What has happened?  (This helps you to assess quickly and qualify your position. Just gather the basic facts)
  2. What’s my level of responsibility or authority?  (This helps to organise yourself)
  3. Who does this affect?  (This helps arrange support to the people that need it)
  4. Who can I utilise?  (This helps organise others who are there)
  5. What can I control? (This helps return some order to the situation)
  6. What can I delegate & to whom? (Delegating tasks will help calm people down, as they have something constructive to do)
  7. Who do I need to inform? (This helps to bring reinforcements)

You may have the title of leader however it doesn’t matter what your title is during a crisis.  When the task that you are facing is truly overwhelming, you must fight against letting it take over.  People will not follow you for your title but they will follow you for your courage!  So remember this process and stay calm in a storm.

I hope you never need to implement this system, however if you do, it will serve you well.

Tony Scown


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