TSC - Mission

1. Design your future -

  • Each goal must be tailored to your future
  •  I ask you the questions that you don't know to ask yourself
  •  This brings clarity & purpose

2. Coach clarity -

  • Clarity put simply is being clear in vision
  • Its having the qualities of being clear; coherent; intelligible, certain & definite

3. Define your purpose -

  • The Greek word "prosthesis" translates into the word "purpose"
  • Prosthesis means "fill the gap to reinstate the purpose"
  • I coach you in finding the gaps that you want to fill
  • Each of your goals fills a gap or a purpose

4. Build your Goal Achievement Plan (G.A.P.) -

  • Coach you in the steps of creating your G.A.P.
  • Coach you in being accountable so that you become a goal achiever; not just a goal setter